Captain America 2- Winter Soldier

So Captain America 2, is probably the best of the Marvel Avenger series sequels – it is definitely much better than the first movie. Cleverly plays and develops the role of the Captain America, Steve Rogers, while at the same time creating and furthering the Avengers universe. The three solo hero sequels have all added to the Marvel Universe – be it Iron Man III, Thor 2 or Captain America 2 – these movies have neatly tied in the happenings from Avengers, added to the mythology, developed the storylines further and kinda took the steps towards Avengers 2 – Age of the Ultron. I am definitely interested in this series now – my boys find it interesting too – for them, the series to watch has always been Star Wars, but they did enjoy both Thor 2 and Captain America. It is an interesting time in Hollywood – with the remixed Star Trek and the whole Marvel Avenger series, adding some much needed heft to the traditionally fluffy summer blockbuster genre. These movies have enough for everyone – be it the mindless “Michael Bay” action lover or the thinking viewer, who likes to have a story working through there.
What I liked about the movie:
1. Nick Fury's action piece – Samuel L Jackson gets his time under the sun and does some bad ass stuff with a chain machine gun. Is shot and presume dead, and then (SPOILER) resurfaces in the end to show that he is always the man.
2. Black Widow grows more complicated and is the relationship between her and Captain America also complicated? Scarlett Johansson plays Black Widow well – and the playoff between Chris Evans and her is really great. This is a pair which is shaping up well. And they share a kiss.
3. The Winter Soldier – is the set up for Bucky Barnes taking over from Steve Rogers as Captain America being done.
4. The action pieces – do not look like CGI crap – everything looks like atleast some of it has been done with proper people. The climactic battle aboard the helicarriers is also really cool.
5. The dialogues – loved them.
6. Robert Redford – the man slimes in and out of the movie so smoothly. He makes a brilliant villain. Too bad they had to kill him in the end.
Cant wait for Avengers 2 – that movie is making me wonder how the next round of these super hero movies would be.
Captain America 2- Winter Soldier

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