A long while..

since I updated this blog. Worship at this Goddess' altar has been superseded by the worship at the altar of the Goddess of Work. But then a time does come when the worship at this altar has to resume and the time I think has come. Not much to update – have started the Malazan series or to give its full name the series which is the Malazan Book of the Fallen. Interesting little series – if you can call a 10 book series, a little series :). And surprisingly Steven Erikson has not only managed to finish the 10 book series, he has done so without driving everyone nuts, killing about 90% of his main characters or dying while writing it. Note to GRR Martin and Scott Lynch – this is the dude that you should emulate :). But it has taken him the time – the first book was launched in the late 90s and the Crippled God, the final book in the series was launched only 2011. I guess a book a year almost is not a bad rate to finish up a 10 book series in. Interesting bunch of characters he creates too – a motley mix of ordinary mortals, extraordinary mortals, magical mortals, immortals, undead, immortals who could become mortals, a vexing combination at times. Has its share of depressing moments – steven erikson is as ruthless as grr martin in terminating key characters, even ones that you grow to like over a period of time. So I have waltzed through books 1 to 4, have hit a bit of a slow time with book 5. Will probably get over it shortly. So far I have only concluded that there is only one actor who could possibly play Coltaine, the High Fist of the damned Seventh Army of the Malazans, who leads the Chain of Dogs on a brutal and depressing march from Hissar to Aren and of course, dies in an epic manner at the end of it, and that would be none other than Sean Bean, who seems to have made a specialty out of dying these completely heartbreaking deaths.
Well -haven't done much of movie watching recently though. Caught Ironman 3 and Star Trek into the Darkness quite some time back and then the Croods 3D with the brat and the seal pup (and their mum of course). But no, not much TV watching in general. So I have Django Unchained to watch, as also Machete Kills. And then a whole set of other movies.
The brat and seal pup have become connoisseurs of cars (they can pretty much identify the brand by just seeing parts of a car) and star wars – so the house is a mess of star wars lego pieces and them being luke or Anakin or master yoda or hans or whatever. So far they haven't shown the inclination to be princess leia or queen padme Amidala, but I guess that is just boys being boys :P.

A long while..

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