Shanghai, Safe, Safe House, Urumi, and other random thinggies..

ah well, after the last angst ridden post, I now move onto other things, like movies. I watched multiple movies on account of being unable to sleep on a couple of long haul flights. The movies included – Kahaani (again), Urumi, Shanghai, Safe, Safe House, parts of Velayudham (yesh!), parts of Avengers, and Wrath of the Titans or something like that. So here is the long awaited review of each of these movies.

Shanghai – Dibanker Banerjee blows your mind out.. I havent see Love, Sex and Dhokha by the guy. Shanghai is good. Prosenjit to Abhay Deol to the star of the show, Emraan “Kissme” Hashmi.. the sore thumb was Kalki Koechlin in essentially a one track screamy role. Farookh Sheikh was nice, as was the Sheila Dixit look alike CM. Between Hashmi and Deol, they nail the small town photographer and the prim and propah tam bram bureaucrat. The ending is a tad simple.. I would have liked if the essential hopelessness of the situation had been preserved instead of making Abhay Deol’s character some kinda tambram Dabanggish hero (without the fisticuffs). But good tightly written movie. Enjoyed it. Would give it 4 out of 5 stars.
Safe – heh heh. Now this is a movie which is hilarious. Well, not exactly a comedy, as much as a Jason Statham, smash them, bang them up special. I think in general Statham exterminates more bad guys through this movie than he did in all of his transporter movies, which is saying something. Has a macguffin of a plot of a little chinese girl who can remember this extremely large numbers. And something to do with dirty special ops cops. Or something like that. A little bit like Leon in the play between a little girl and a rough hitman, though here it is more fatherly affection than romantic. I would give it a 3 on 5, but then I like both Statham and the way in which he wades through a lot of bad men. 
Safe House – now this is something. This guy Denzel Washington, he is something. I mean he made even tripe like Deja Vu watchable. After playing a grizzled veteran joining hands with a young man (Chris Pine) in Unstoppable, he again plays grizzled veteran playing with a young, wet behind the ears man, Ryan Reynolds. A powerhouse play by Denzel-man. An outline of story about something which Denzel’s character has. Also has Vera Farmiga and Brian Cox – Farmiga looks as she usually does in these thankless roles.. Cox is the usual villain out here, but plays it out well. I enjoyed this movie – quite a good. A 4 on 5 in my book.
Urumi – interesting story and take – painting Vasco Da Gama as the villainous pirate that he probably was and not the renowned explorer that he is made out. Santosh Sivan again makes a very pretty movie with lotsa pretty faces, including the men – here Prithviraj in the Abhishek Bachchan, I look grim and hence, I am serious version and Prabhu Deva, in the, I am the joker of the pack role. I am really not sure if the heavy acting was to give the movie an operatic feeling or if it was as it was. The movie comes of very stultified and stagy. The women are all uniformly hot from Tabu to Genelia D’Souza (badly miscast as a fire breathing warrior princess) to Vidya Balan to Nithya Menon (who probably does some justice to the role of Chirakkal Bala). The one actor who seemed to have had fun is Arya, cast as both the tribal leader and Kelu Nayanar’s father, Sethu Rayan. I liked it, though i did find it a bit stagy for my liking. You dont get too many halfway decent historicals. Prithviraj could have really done better. I would give this a 3.5 out of 5.
Velayudham – well, I watched the parts which had Vijay beat up goons three times his size. How does he do that? Anyways, plot is similar to usual Vijay movie – Vijay has loving sister, comes to evil city from village, beats the crap out of evil city people robbing the common man, sister killed by evil city people, comes back to city and kills evil minister and eviller terrorist. Usual Vijay stuff. Better not to rate this stuff.
And then saw some bits of Wrath of Titans – can confirm it was as bad as the first movie. Hopefully putting an end to the series. Rating – negative.
Shanghai, Safe, Safe House, Urumi, and other random thinggies..

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