The new year and other things..

For some, the year couldnt end. For others, the year and life ended rather prematurely at the hands of people they had never met, strangers who took it upon themselves to inflict violence on others, who they never knew. Be it the girl in the delhi bus or the school kids in the connecticut school, young lives have been cut short, at a time when they would have been looking at the festive season and thinking of fun and frolic. The nations of the world seem to be leaderless. Obama, propounded as the messiah by many, has proved to be as disastrous as our very own Manmohan “Theek hai” Singh. India, as a democratic nation, has never been bereft of leadership as it is now. It is in the depressing scenario that 2013 is heralded in. The heart no longer has the urge to welcome the year in, for who knows what untold suffering is waiting for us, or some of us on the other side of this year. I feel morose and depressed.

The new year and other things..

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