Ah welll.. kolaveri di.

The song is certainly a earworm, as our the other songs sung by Dhanush in the movie Mayakkam Enna – listen to them, they are in my view better than kolaveri in its youtube viral form. Was debating on what I should write about – the second rung of heroines in the mid 50s bollywood (an interesting collection of actresses), the Indian cricket team or the whole kolaveri di thingummy jig. And it was an interesting debate indeed in my head on what I should write about for the 3.5 people that follow my blog. As Dhanush says, ok mama, tune change-a.

What a match – that got played out in Wankhede a few days back – 17 wickets over close to 90 overs – 290 odd runs scored for it. From being a batsman paradise, it swung the other way to be a bowler's wicket in the last day. But I digress, the debate in my head was on what to write about. Given the plethora of topics available, I took the management presentation approach – a bullet point for each issue..
1. Kolaveri Di – well, the song has certainly taken a life of its own.. and yes, Mr Akhtar, the lyrics are bit rubbish, the meesic is synthetic and Dhanush not a good singer, but hey, wtf, a few million people disagree with you.. anyways, i dont know if i will ever watch the movie or not, but i certainly have to agree that Dhanush seems to be maturing as an actor – his earlier movies mainly for his brother had him as a borderline emaciated psycho, then he became the stick action figure in a few movies, but he seems to be growing a bit more in the recent movies.. Lets see what comes of him.
2. Dhanush the singer – kolaveri di is imho the worst of the three songs that he has sung so far – the two in mayakkam enna are far better rendered, and he has a lot more to do with his voice in those. and if selvaraghavan and he have written the lyrics for that song, we may soon have the brotherly equivalent of TR soon.. 😉
3. the Indian Test Cricket team – continues to amaze with its capability to deliver under home conditions, the windies arent the force that they were, but India did make things look very easy in the first two matches. the third match which was going to be a boring draw, became a entertaining, rivetting actioner thanks to the batsmen from both sides.. a draw with equal scores is not something you scoff at.
4. The Indian ODI team – seems to have a India A capable of beating most sides on its own.
5. the fastbowling new pair – from the threesome consisting of Yadav, Aaron and Mithun seems to be good to start with, but are suffering seriously from lack of direction in the death. A few matches with Zaheer Khan should possibly help them out better.
6. Cricket in general – the SA- Aus test series, the India- Windies series, the Pak- SL series, all got off to close matches and entertainment. Good to see that.
7. Indian politics – seems to be competing with the sensex in setting new lows.. K Si- bal is the latest in the set of great ones to emanate from the system.. more like LK Bal though..

Ah welll.. kolaveri di.

One thought on “Ah welll.. kolaveri di.

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